2015 Q4 Director Message

Kelly Woods Vaughn  Executive Director INMA
Kelly Woods Vaughn
Executive Director

Dear InfraGard Members and Readers,

I want to welcome you to the inaugural edition of InfraGard Magazine and website.

The mission of the InfraGard program is to foster dialogue between the FBI and private sector experts who own, operate and provide security for critical infrastructure throughout the United States. InfraGard Magazine is the latest initiative the program has undertaken to assist in that mission. It is the intent of InfraGard that each issue of this important magazine and its complementary website will contain insightful and valuable information that will assist Americans in understanding those threats we may face, and what measures we have available to mitigate such threats.

While both domestic and international terrorist actions targeting Americans and America’s critical infrastructure may arise suddenly, they rarely arise without a prior warning sign. Knowledge of what signs to look for and sustained vigilance are keys to averting such acts and achieving victory over those who wish to deprive the American people of their liberty. In each issue of this publication, subject matter experts will provide readers with the knowledge of emerging trends emanating from geographical and virtual frontiers, accompanied with discussion of the best methodologies and technology available to recognize signs of potential misuse. In addition, the publication will also describe and discuss available countermeasures that may minimize or thwart threats from misuse and direct attack.

No people on Earth possess greater talent, drive and initiative than do the American people. No enemy, foreign or domestic, can best America so long as her people are focused and determined to counter such an enemy. The InfraGard National Members Alliance and its latest tool, the Infragard Magazine, is a clear example of bringing such initiative and talent to bear upon those who would wish us harm.

On behalf of the dedicated men and women of the FBI, I want to extend our best wishes for the success of InfraGard Magazine, and our gratitude to the dedicated men and women who volunteer their expertise and service to the InfraGard National Members Alliance. Their dedication in no small measure helps to safeguard our nation and keep safe and vibrant our critical infrastructure.


Kelly Woods Vaughn
Executive Director, INMA