From the President

As we move forward into 2017, I would like to thank the Board for their confidence in selecting me President of the INMA. As the retired Special Agent Coordinator for the Los Angeles chapter, Regional Coordinator for the Pacific Region, special advisor to the LA IMA, and a National Board member, I understand the power of the public/private sector partnerships that InfraGard membership provides. The flow of accurate, factual and current vetted information to trusted partners is the key to our success.

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From Your Executive Director


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. A graduate of the University of California, San Diego (BA) and Georgetown University’s National Security Studies Program (MA), I have devoted my career to security and risk management through my work as a speechwriter to the Japanese Mission to the United Nations in Vienna, Austria; a political and terrorism researcher for the Monterey Institute’s Center for Nonproliferation Studies and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty; a cybersecurity analyst for Silicon Valley technology companies and a national bank; and a private and commercial risk manager and insurance broker.

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Chairman’s Corner

As we rapidly move through 2017, the world continues to be rocked by terrorist attacks on the physical side, and hacking intrusions and ransomware demands are coming from all directions on the cyber side. There doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight. We have a new U.S. president as well as new leaders over the government’s role in critical infrastructure protection, with many positions yet to be filled. While uncertainty prevails in many aspects of security and safety, we can be certain that InfraGard — through you our members—will increase our nation’s efforts toward resiliency.

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Q4 Chairman’s Corner

I greatly appreciate the Board’s confidence and the opportunity to serve another year as your Chairman. Last year was a building and transition period, as well as one for preparing for and celebrating our 20th Anniversary. As you remember, we had a fantastic 2015 National Congress & Leadership Workshop, so we looked at making 2016 bigger and better. I think we succeeded with this year’s 20th Anniversary Congress & InfraGard Conference: Dedicated to the Protection, Security and Resilience of America’s Critical Infrastructures.

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2016-Q2 Chairman’s Corner

Well, time flies — we are halfway through our year that started in October 2015, and we have many initiatives that are ongoing. At the top of the list is our InfraGard 20th Anniversary, which will culminate in a celebration that will be coupled with a multi-day, multi-sector conference in Orlando, Fla., Sept 12-14, 2016. (See full details in following pages.) Conference speakers will represent all sectors and functions, and their challenges that are threatening our critical infrastructures. It will address methods to protect them, as well as technology and risk management trends/advances towards safeguarding of our National Security. Over the next few months we will be rolling out our 20th Anniversary logo items in celebration of this milestone. A book is being compiled covering InfraGard’s history. Continue reading

Chairman’s Corner 2016 Q2

Dear InfraGard Members:

As we move into 2016 and celebrate InfraGard’s 20th Anniversary, I am more excited about our future than ever! Since our start in 1996, we have grown steadily to 45,000 vetted members today.

We ended last year on a high note with an exciting, very informative Congress providing IMA leadership with tools to succeed. Director Comey once again recognized our awardees and challenged us to be diligent in our efforts to protect this great nation.

I see the INMA Board and Executive Director as facilitators, because having been the Charlotte IMA President, I appreciate that all the hard work and great accomplishments of InfraGard occur at the local level. YOU are what make this organization succeed!Gary Gardner

This year brings many positive enhancements to the program and the value of

your volunteerism!

The FBI has elevated the program oversight/sponsorship from the Cyber Division to the Directors Office. This move will allow us to leverage the cross-divisional support of all FBI programs (Cyber, Criminal, CounterIntelligence, CounterTerrorism, Crisis Management, Laboratory and Training) for greater awareness, information sharing and education.

The FBI and the INMA will roll out a new cloud-based InfraGard Portal for information sharing and collaboration between critical sectors, special interest groups and individuals.

InfraGard will expand the Sector Chief Program with organizational changes and greater central support to IMAs in conjunction with the new portal.

You are reading the exciting new addition to InfraGard, our own magazine. This offers IMAs the opportunity for revenue sharing based upon the number of YOUR members signed up to receive either the digital or hard copy — so get all your members to sign up!

Finally, we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary at our Congress this fall that will be coupled with a multi-day, multi-sector conference — stay tuned for dates and location soon.

I would like to thank the departing Board Directors/Officers, Dave Pekoske, Sheri Donahue, Faith Heikkila, Brendon Healy, and Paul Joyal, for their service and contributions.

I would also like to recognize our FBI Special Agent Coordinators; most of them have multiple jobs working cases and supporting our IMAs, so make it a point to thank them for their true partnership!

We have many committees at the national level that can benefit from your participation and perspective, so I encourage you to join the committee that your experience and energy would enhance.

Thanks for all you do and if I can be of assistance, let me know.          


Gary Gardner

2015 Q4 Director Message

Kelly Woods Vaughn  Executive Director INMA
Kelly Woods Vaughn
Executive Director

Dear InfraGard Members and Readers,

I want to welcome you to the inaugural edition of InfraGard Magazine and website.

The mission of the InfraGard program is to foster dialogue between the FBI and private sector experts who own, operate and provide security for critical infrastructure throughout the United States. InfraGard Magazine is the latest initiative the program has undertaken to assist in that mission. It is the intent of InfraGard that each issue of this important magazine and its complementary website will contain insightful and valuable information that will assist Americans in understanding those threats we may face, and what measures we have available to mitigate such threats.

While both domestic and international terrorist actions targeting Americans and America’s critical infrastructure may arise suddenly, they rarely arise without a prior warning sign. Knowledge of what signs to look for and sustained vigilance are keys to averting such acts and achieving victory over those who wish to deprive the American people of their liberty. In each issue of this publication, subject matter experts will provide readers with the knowledge of emerging trends emanating from geographical and virtual frontiers, accompanied with discussion of the best methodologies and technology available to recognize signs of potential misuse. In addition, the publication will also describe and discuss available countermeasures that may minimize or thwart threats from misuse and direct attack.

No people on Earth possess greater talent, drive and initiative than do the American people. No enemy, foreign or domestic, can best America so long as her people are focused and determined to counter such an enemy. The InfraGard National Members Alliance and its latest tool, the Infragard Magazine, is a clear example of bringing such initiative and talent to bear upon those who would wish us harm.

On behalf of the dedicated men and women of the FBI, I want to extend our best wishes for the success of InfraGard Magazine, and our gratitude to the dedicated men and women who volunteer their expertise and service to the InfraGard National Members Alliance. Their dedication in no small measure helps to safeguard our nation and keep safe and vibrant our critical infrastructure.


Kelly Woods Vaughn
Executive Director, INMA