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Universal Wallet Coinomi Integrates With ShapeShift.io API

Coinomi integration to allow for immediate altcoin conversion.

Switzerland (PRWEB) — ShapeShift.io, an instant Bitcoin and altcoin exchange service, has announced their API integration with Coinomi, a free, open-source wallet for Bitcoin and multiple cryptocurrencies, available as an Android application. The ShapeShift API integration allows Coinomi wallet users to quickly convert between each supported altcoin within the wallet without the user having to leave the Android application. Continue reading

TITUS Classification for Mobile™ Elevates Security Standards

Mobile Data Security and Governance TITUS Classification for Mobile is an easy-to-use email- and document-security solution for mobile devices that prevents data loss and ensures that only approved users have access to the correct information. Through it, users can classify email sent from mobile devices, raising user security awareness, enabling protection based on data sensitivity, and ensuring compliance with document-marking standards.

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Artificial Intelligence Aids First Responders in iOmniscient’s ASAP™ System

One of the most over-applied terms in technology in recent years has to be “game-changing.” But for first responders anxious for the most current, fastest-transmitted, accurate data on an incident to which they’re responding, it’s a term that’s going to be difficult not to use when talking about iOmniscient’s Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP). The ASAP is a system that integrates artificial intelligence technology with CCTV cameras to drastically reduce the response time for first responders in the event of an accident or other emergency situation. Continue reading