Protecting E-Commerce

By Karl J. Paloucek

What could we do to better secure our online markets?

In a cyberworld where breaches have become commonplace, we’re obviously doing something wrong. What needs to happen to ensure that the online marketplace is more abundantly secure? We spoke with cybersecurity experts Jason Witty, Chief Information Security Officer for U.S. Bankcorp., and Michael Phillips, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer of Rosenthal Collins Group LLC, for their dynamic insight into the sorts of solutions that retailers, financial services and other businesses should be not just considering, but integrating and implementing now. Continue reading

Bitcoins: Primer on A New Currency

In February of 2015, the south suburban Chicago police department of Midlothian, Illinois was faced with a difficult and embarrassing problem. One of the departments computers had become infected with a form of ransomware that encrypted the files on the computer’s hard drive. The hacker responsible demanded that the department pay $500 to obtain an encryption key to unlock and restore the computer’s files.

Continue reading