Chapter Focus: Birmingham, Alabama

By Heather McCalley | 2016-2017 InfraGard Birmingham Members Alliance

Just before 9/11, a group of concerned citizens met to gauge interest in forming an InfraGard chapter in Birmingham, Ala. Their original thoughts were to bring people together in the region while also bridging perceived gaps between the I.T. community and law enforcement. Little did they know when they met on Sept. 6, 2001, that their skillsets and passions would be needed in the fight against global terrorism that escalated five days later when all our lives changed. From the beginning, Birmingham has been known as the geekiest of InfraGard chapters, but its roots were firmly planted in critical infrastructure by the early chapter leadership as well. Gary Warner represented Oil & Gas, Daniel Clemens represented the Information Technology sector, Greg McGill represented the HealthCare industry, and Steve Adwell represented Financial Services. Each was an I.T. security expert, but each brought the view of their critical infrastructure. The coordinator from the Birmingham FBI field office was Mike Mauldin. Longstanding InfraGard members may recall Clemens because he set up and ran the earliest listservs not only for Birmingham, but also the Presidents’ and Regional Mailing lists, as well as several InfraGard special interest groups. Warner may also be a familiar face as he served on the national board from 2002 to 2004.

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