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From Your Executive Director


Considering the most recent disasters in the United States — including the terrible storm damage and loss of life experienced in Texas and the Gulf Coast, Florida and Puerto Rico, the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the horrendous, fatal wildfires in Montana and California among other places — it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless as an individual citizen of our nation.

InfraGard leadership across the country at the local level as well as nationally understands the somber responsibility of helping our membership and the nation more broadly become educated and prepared to defend against a vast array of risks and threats, both natural and manmade, including those we are recovering from discussed above. Solid preparation and strategically and tactically prepared responses in the face of catastrophes can mitigate the loss of human life and the level of damage to our critical infrastructure sectors and their ability to continue functioning or not during these times.

And that’s where I return to the mission of InfraGard yet again, updated by the INMA Board of Directors in 2017: InfraGard protects United States critical infrastructure and the American people by cultivating communication, collaboration, and engagement between the public and private sectors; this alliance unites the knowledge base, work and resources of these stakeholders to mitigate threats to national security, improve resilience, and strengthen the foundation of American life.

I am honored to serve this mission, and I encourage you to think about how you are supporting this mission. If you are an InfraGard member, are you actively involved and participating or contributing to InfraGard programs and educational opportunities? Are you stepping up and taking a leadership role, to ensure your IMA has the talent and skills to serve the mission to your region and communities? Are you sharing what you learn with your colleagues, your communities and your families? If you are not an InfraGard member, what is holding you back? Become involved. Take advantage of the incredible networking and learning opportunities InfraGard offers in your community. Apply for membership today at www.infragard.org, and get engaged with this critical mission.


Kimberly Pratt, Executive Director, INMA