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Insider Threat Special Interest Group

The mission of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is to disseminate and exchange information relevant to the protection of a specific critical infrastructure sector — or across several sectors — and through vigilant preparedness, to ensure their continued resilience. The newest of these InfraGard SIGs is the Insider Threat SIG, chaired by Stuart Mallory, who serves as Director of Security for APTIM Federal Services. The Insider Threat SIG aims to share information and best practices that can help to prevent small- or large-scale incidents of industrial or corporate espionage.

Stuart Mallory is the Executive Director for Security Services at Aptim, and the Chair of InfraGard’s National Insider Threat Special Interest Group. Stuart served as the Acting Deputy Director and Insider Threat Program Manager for the DHS Counterintelligence Program. Prior to joining DHS, he served as the National Security Legislative Counsel to Senator John Thune of South Dakota, and the Honorable Katherine Harris of Florida. He has been a Strategic Intelligence Consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton and General Dynamics. He is a veteran of the United States Army.

“I’ve been very happy with the support I’ve received from Gary, the Board, the FBI, DHS, ODNI, and Kimberly Pratt,” Mallory offers, regarding the establishment of this new and important SIG. “My goal over the last 18 months has been to forge relationships with U.S. Government partners and industry personnel that have a significant nexus to the issue of ‘insider threat.’”

Zachary Tudor, Associate Laboratory Director of Idaho National Laboratory’s National and Homeland Security organization will be among the Insider Threat SIG’s featured speakers at ASIS 2017

So far, the Insider Threat SIG has made its presence known at ASIS/InfraGard’s conferences by featuring government and industry leaders with the knowledge and expertise to enlighten attendees on how they can best prevent or mitigate the threat. This September in Dallas, Mallory says that he is pleased by the panel of speakers that the Insider Threat SIG will host at ASIS 2017. “We have Tina Gabbrielli from DHS; Daniel Payne from the Defense Security Service; Zach Tudor, Idaho National Laboratory; and Sharon Claridge from Booz Allen Hamilton speaking at the conference,” he says.

Mallory looks forward to not just the speaking events, but to working with more InfraGard members and security professionals to make the Insider Threat SIG a more formidable entity. “The future of SIG will be to put form to function and establish an actual working body.  It’s been an exciting run so far and I look forward to working anyone interested in tackling this exciting and relevant issue.”

Mallory invites relevant security professionals to join the Insider Threat SIG and participate in the discussion by visiting infragardmembers.org and, under the About InfraGard tab, clicking on “Special Interest Groups,” or by directly emailing [email protected]