Q4 Chairman’s Corner

I greatly appreciate the Board’s confidence and the opportunity to serve another year as your Chairman. Last year was a building and transition period, as well as one for preparing for and celebrating our 20th Anniversary. As you remember, we had a fantastic 2015 National Congress & Leadership Workshop, so we looked at making 2016 bigger and better. I think we succeeded with this year’s 20th Anniversary Congress & InfraGard Conference: Dedicated to the Protection, Security and Resilience of America’s Critical Infrastructures.

Together this year we changed our national bylaws for greater efficiency and transparency, which meant that we were able to elect our new board members and officers at Congress. We were then able to introduce to our Delegates, the 2017 National Board and Officers.

We created opportunities for IMAs to be involved in revenue sharing through our InfraGard Magazine, EMP publications, and 20th Anniversary coins and pins.

We produced and published a 20th Anniversary InfraGard History book. (Copies are still available.) Several members of our past leadership attended, and awards were presented during the banquet. Prior to the 20th Anniversary Congress/Conference, we solicited participation from our members in designing a logo for our 20th Anniversary, selecting the design of Brian Friedman of the Atlanta IMA.

During our upcoming year, you can expect to see more communications regarding the INMAs activities in support of our IMAs and our new portals.

Congratulations to this year’s Award Winners — we gratefully acknowledge their contributions and challenge others to compete for next year’s awards.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and recognize our outgoing INMA Board members, Don Anderson, Bob Janusaitis, Sandy Mangold and Jerry Bowman (President) for their loyal service to InfraGard, who did an outstanding job!

I would also like to welcome our two elected board members, Charles Kim from the San Diego IMA and Paul Sands from the Chicago IMA, and our two appointed board members, Maureen O’Connell from the Los Angeles IMA and Kimberly Pratt from the Sacramento IMA. Also, our new officers: Jeff Gaynor – President, Matt Miller – Vice President, Kimberly Pratt – Secretary (2nd term), Jeff Chester – Treasurer and Bill Davis – Vice Chairman.

Together with our FBI partners, I will do my best to ensure that we all share the same information to make our nation more secure and resilient.

This edition of our magazine highlights both a critical infrastructure in the “Threat to Our Water Supply” and the “lead by example” of our Indiana IMA in collaborating on a full-scale exercise simulating an attack on a water plant. It is important that we continue the mission of InfraGard in the protection and resilience of our critical infrastructure. I encourage you to continue your activities with InfraGard and to stay involved.

Thanks for all you do and all you have done. Let’s make 2017 our best year ever!

Happy Holidays, Gary

Gary Gardner