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TITUS Classification for Mobile™ Elevates Security Standards

Mobile Data Security and Governance TITUS Classification for Mobile is an easy-to-use email- and document-security solution for mobile devices that prevents data loss and ensures that only approved users have access to the correct information. Through it, users can classify email sent from mobile devices, raising user security awareness, enabling protection based on data sensitivity, and ensuring compliance with document-marking standards.

Capability Overview:

• Ability to classify emails sent from mobile devices
• Prevention of mobile data loss
• Protect business data in a secure container
• Control data sharing via upload, email, print, copy, or opening into other Apps
• Access Microsoft® SharePoint and Cloud storage from one secure app
• Extend Microsoft RMS® to mobile devices
System Requirements:
TITUS Classification for Mobile comprises two apps — TITUS Mail & TITUS Docs
Mobile OS: iOS 7.1 or aboveAndroid 4.1 or above
Email Server: Microsoft Exchange® Server 2010 and 2013, and Office 365 SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or 2013

Titus-Mobile-1 copy

TITUS Classification for Mobile provides a secure and separate container for business data. The interface provides direct access to corporate email, SharePoint® libraries and common file-sharing services, guaranteeing that downloaded files are managed according to corporate policy. Administrators are able to leverage document classifications to enable fine-grained control over a user’s ability to email, print, copy, upload and open files into third-party apps. Additional data protection is provided by extending Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) to mobile devices, allowing users to access or protect data using Microsoft RMS. Whether deployed independently or with an MDM solution, TITUS Classification for Mobile strikes a balance between protecting corporate data and empowering an efficient mobile workforce.end_icon