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SIG Highlights: National Legal Industry Special Interest Group

A new national Special Interest Group (SIG) has been formed to support the legal industry called the National Legal Industry Special Interest Group. Its purpose is to organize communication, education and sharing of threat information to all active InfraGard members. Our demographic needs to extend beyond the current critical infrastructure hierarchy in that our firms often represent multiple sectors, so it’s common for a firm to be simultaneously engaged with clients in various sectors. We may be doing M&A work for a global organization, while doing government contract work, while helping build our next nuclear power plant, while suing China over intellectual property theft, etc. Our users typically travel globally and many are unaware of the threats that exist while visiting some nation states. Without the ability to organize and share information specific to the practice areas that firms represent, there will always be targeted attacks that compromise our nation’s secrets and intellectual capital. In addition to firms, our demographics extend to all corporate legal departments and our court systems. Our target demographic is the general counsel or related individual in charge of risk for their organizations, as well as managing partners of firms and individuals who work in the legal field and our court systems. Continue reading

Chapter Focus: Charlotte, N.C.

In this space each quarter, we hope to share the initiatives that other InfraGard Chapters have been taking and the events that they’ve organized. This quarter, we spoke with Torry Crass of the InfraGard Charlotte Chapter to discuss their ongoing Cybercamps for high schoolers that are now approaching their third year, and which have been growing both in scope and success. Continue reading

InfraGard Member Focus: Dr. Nancy Zarse

By Karl J. Paloucek

To those on the outside, the Academic Sector might sound like a relatively benign area over which to preside. But those familiar with all that it encompasses know that it’s a considerable responsibility. As Academic Sector Chief, Dr. Nancy Zarse knows the full dynamics and dimensions of her role, even as she seeks to learn more and expand her involvement in it. In part because of this demonstrated positive attitude that resonates in the work she does both with InfraGard and as full professor in the Forensic Department of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Zarse was recently awarded the 2015 Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Public Service, an award she also claimed in 2011. We took the opportunity to speak with Zarse about the honor, about the importance of securing the Academic Sector, and her vision for the future. Continue reading

InfraGard Member Focus: Lizabeth Lehrkamp

By Mary Stroka

Special Agent Lizabeth Lehrkamp of the FBI’s Minneapolis, Minn., field office received the 2014 Infragard Coordinator of the Year award on Sept. 8 from FBI Director James Comey at the InfraGard Annual Congress in Leesburg, Va. Lehrkamp, prior coordinator of the Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota InfraGard chapters, was one of 15 Special Agent coordinators nominated nationwide. The award recognizes these coordinators who aid in the advancement of InfraGard by presenting to members on various threats in order to review their experiences and best practices. Lizabeth began her career with the FBI in 2005 as a Special Agent in Newark, NJ, and she is now serving the FBI on its white collar crime squad in Minneapolis, Minn. Continue reading

InfraGard Member Focus: Henry Gralak

By Karl J. Paloucek

Many of you are aware that InfraGard member Henry Gralak finally stepped down after serving many years as a member of the Board of Directors. At the November quarterly meeting, those assembled honored Henry and his contributions to the security community with a plaque recognizing his dedication and years of service to the InfraGard Chicago Members Alliance. Continue reading