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Grid Security Requires Constant Vigilance From Insider Threats

By Brian Harrell and Bruce Barnes

Thomas Jefferson once said, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” and it is also the price we must pay to ensure that our power grid is protected. Over the last decade, managing threats to our power grid has become a part of everyday life for the U.S. Energy Sector. Utilities are inundated with outside threats on a daily basis — often from angry customers, environmental groups, hacktivists, and criminals looking for targets of opportunity. Continue reading

Ensuring the Security of Your Smartphone

With all of the amazing advances in technology there are many exciting topics we could address, but one technological advance enjoyed by most is often left unsecure: the smartphone. This versatile device can make calls, take pictures, enable text messaging, stream videos and other Internet content. Applications like email are available as native applications and browsers place the Internet at your fingertips. Most people never consider the ramifications of using a smart phone to access personal, work, or school data, or their financial institutions, but we should, as we may be putting ourselves, our employers and our families at unnecessary risk. Continue reading

Hero911 App Provides Alerts, Response

Here is something that first responders can add to their arsenals of gear and carry everywhere with them, without any additional burden. The Hero911 app is designed for law enforcement personnel, for notification in the event of a school shooter situation. In the event of an active shooter incident at a school or on a campus, onsite personnel engages the “panic” button in the app, which sends a signal to qualified law enforcement personnel within a proscribed radius of 10-20 miles. A siren sound alerts first responders who are registered and verified in the system to respond if they are able. The app requests a response from the law enforcement officer that will indicate to onsite personnel whether the officer will be in uniform when arriving — crucial information so that uniformed officers and other personnel are aware that plain-clothes officers will be on hand, and that care will be needed to distinguish them from threat actors. Continue reading

Louroe’s Intelligent Audio Analytics System Monitors for Incidents

Louroe Electronics’ LE-802 Audio Analytics System presents municipalities with the ability to monitor immediate surroundings for potentially threatening or disruptive incidents. Easily installed on most city utility poles or walls, the LE-802 provides constant 360-degree audio monitoring designed to detect specific events, including gunshots, aggressive speech, breaking glass and car alarms, sending notifications to a designated network or to connected devices. Continue reading

High Threat Concealment’s LPS Offers Flexibility, Low Visibility

High Threat Concealment’s Low Profile System™ presents law enforcement and tactical personnel with an especially adaptable and low profile option for those looking to keep their hardware at the ready but subtly concealed.

The system’s modular design allows modification to accommodate whatever configuration preference or tactical needs are appropriate. If you’re an ambidextrous shooter, for example, shooting with a pistol in one hand and, perhaps, a rifle in the other, the system can be customized for whatever components you need. (Additional charges may apply for highly customized systems.) Continue reading

HVAC Industry’s Air Curtains Expected to Help U.S. Fight Oncoming Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus

The seemingly inevitable spread of Zika virus from South America to North America through mosquito contact this summer is prompting additional interest in HVAC industry air curtains by commercial building managers in the most vulnerable fields, such as healthcare, hospitality and education.

“We have started receiving questions regarding Zika virus and using air curtains to prevent mosquitoes from entering buildings,” said Miranda Berner, marketing manager, Berner International, New Castle, Pa., the nation’s leading air curtain manufacturer. Continue reading

Streamlight® Launches ProTac® Rail Mount 1 and 2 Lights

Eagleville, Penn. — Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, has expanded its ProTac family with two new gun-mounted tactical lights, the ProTac Rail Mount 1 and ProTac Rail Mount 2.

The new, low-profile models both feature rugged, integrated rail clamps that securely attach to rifles, carbines and sub-machine guns with a MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail. Both lights come with both remote pressure and standard push-button tail switches, and the Rail Mount 1 offers the added convenience of using either one lithium or one easy-to-source AA alkaline battery. Continue reading

Med-Eng® Unveils EOD® 10 Bomb Disposal Suit & Helmet Ensemble

OTTOWA, Ontario — Med-Eng announced today the launch of its highly anticipated EOD® 10 Bomb Disposal Suit & Helmet ensemble, at SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show 2016. The system offers much enhanced functionality and is the result of an aggressive development program that challenged conventional thinking on bomb suit design to achieve significant gains in weight reduction, physical mobility and application of new technologies, while increasing protection levels. Continue reading

Accurate ID Checks Made Simple with 3M Reader

St. Paul, Minn. — Checking IDs is an important way for businesses to protect against fraud and comply with the law. But frontline workers at places like restaurants, banks, convenience stores, and mobile phone retailers also perform many other tasks, and may lack the specialized training to confidently check IDs. Businesses need a fast, accurate and easy-to-use way to determine whether IDs are genuine. Continue reading

TCI Introduces Three Connectivity Solutions

ONTARIO, California — TCI™ announced the release of three new communications solutions at SHOT Show 2016 for law enforcement and military professionals, including:

Alpha Push-To-Talk (PTT): The Alpha PTT is a complete line of submersible, compact Push-To-Talk assemblies that come standard with gas mask connectivity. The line is feature rich with options such as cell phone compatibility, volume control, and remote PTT functionality. An extremely durable PTT assembly manufactured utilizing a proprietary, sealed, reinforced single molded process; this product has a subcompact profile and is available for multiple radio models. Continue reading