From the President

As we move forward into 2017, I would like to thank the Board for their confidence in selecting me President of the INMA. As the retired Special Agent Coordinator for the Los Angeles chapter, Regional Coordinator for the Pacific Region, special advisor to the LA IMA, and a National Board member, I understand the power of the public/private sector partnerships that InfraGard membership provides. The flow of accurate, factual and current vetted information to trusted partners is the key to our success.

Those who know me know that InfraGard has become my passion. From the time I first learned about the program to today, I have seen great people pick up the baton for their country, and it inspires me.

I would also like to thank each of you for your dedication to the security and safety of this great nation. By volunteering your time and resources to InfraGard, you have committed yourself to being part of the solution to the issues we face today. Working together, we can insure that InfraGard remains the national standard for information sharing between the public and private sector, as it is the only organization that crosses all of the 16 designated sectors.

As President, I will help InfraGard achieve its full potential of providing education and information that will enable our members to implement prevention, protection and resilience within and between our critical infrastructures. I will lead the INMA through revenue generation, development of effective relationships and programs that directly support our IMAs and their members. I will develop and lead effective teams to accomplish the board-established goals and objectives. My relationship with the FBI will allow me to effectively translate their programs to our initiatives. Together as one team, we can have a positive impact on the resiliency of our critical infrastructure and key resources.


Maureen OíConnell

Maureen O’Connell, INMA President