The Threat to Our Water Supply

By Karl J. Paloucek

It’s so simple, that we often take it for granted. When we turn on the taps in our homes, our businesses, or anywhere, we’re certain that a rush of water
will flow forth, for the purpose we intend. As members of InfraGard, we like to think that we’re mindful of threats to every sector of our critical infrastructure, but water is so essential even to other sectors we aim to protect that we may not prioritize the safety of our water systems as highly as we should.

In fact, the under-prioritization of protecting our water was cited as a chief concern by the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) as published in its report on water sector resilience this past June. Water was shown to be inadequately prioritized by public officials and sectors dependent on water for disaster planning, prevention and response, when in fact it’s an absolutely critical sector that needs protection.

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