INMA Congress Brings Honors, Information to Members

We at INMA would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s INMA Congress in Orlando, Fla., Sept. 11-15. We’re grateful to the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) for allowing us to partner with them for this incredible event. INMA’s Congress featured an array of excellent speakers presenting in-depth, dynamic information across a broad spectrum of security concerns.

Among the highlights was Ted Koppel’s presentation to ASIS, which many InfraGard members chose to attend, at which the veteran journalist addressed America’s vulnerability to cyberattack and the likely consequences, as outlined in his New York Times best-selling book, Lights Out, which he took the time to inscribe onsite for ASIS attendees. “Walls on our southern border will not protect us against cyberattack,” he said, citing the incoming presidential administration’s much-talked-about wall proposed to protect the U.S. from the threat of illegal immigration.

FBI Director addresses attendees at INMA Congress 2016. Comey was on hand to receive a 20-Year Partnership Award.

Koppel’s message was underscored by Chuck Manto, who headed up the first of several Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings that took place on Tuesday, Sept.13, discussing developments regarding our protection against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event. Additional SIG meetings addressed legislation, business continuity and insider threat.

INMA Congress 2016 brought many engaging speakers who shared their insight and wisdom on a number of topics. Among many highlights were Bob Dougherty’s discussion of the influence that ISIS maintains in radicalizing young people within America’s borders, and how they do it, as well as in-depth discussion of the insider threat that took center stage at a pair of panels moderated by Stuart Mallory. Other topics addressed included the impact of the Internet of things on our vulnerability, SCADA risks and threats, and much more.

In addition to its abundance of invaluable information, Congress offers the opportunity for INMA to recognize its own. Awards were distributed to those who distinguished themselves with their service to our organization. Those honored at Congress 2016 were as follows:

Rookie of the Year               Andrea Stone, NCR IMA

Meeting the Challenge   Dr. Gus Frias, L.A. IMA

Sector Chief Award   Jodi Terhorst, NCR IMA

IMA Community Outreach   Susan Bernard, Atlanta IMA